Habitrail Ovo Adventure Pack


The Habitrail OVO Adventure Pack lets your hamster roam to different hideaways. Your hamster can choose to go for a snooze in his Den, or burrow his way up to the Transport Unit and then jet back down for a quick snack back in his Pad.

* The clear plastic of the Habitrail OVO Den or Transport Unit's roof makes it easy for you to see your hamster and the retractable roof allows for easy pet access.

Set Includes
* Transport Unit
* 2-10" Trails
* 1 Tee
* 1 Cube
* Den
* 5 Windows
* 3 Elbows
* 10 Lock Connectors

The two pictures below show how the set appears as is (picture of left) while the other shows how it looks when attached to the OVO cage.
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